Find Space for your Ambition and set-up your custom Workspace

Locate & Grow in the Caribbean

We provide a complete commercial solution for freelancers looking to locate his business and start having customers from the area. Intended for people that work on Social Media Management, Professional Consulting, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Computer Programming, VOIP Sale Calls and much more.


Our goal is to help freelancers who just started or are already working with customers to have a private space for them to give their customers the trust and reliability they're looking for.

Concentrate better on your work during your day with your own dedicated desk in a private workspace, which is ideal as a quieter and more personal environment.

We'll provide everything you need to make the most of your working day like:

- Desk

- Comfortable chairs

- Air Conditioning

- High-speed Wifi

- Water, coffee and tea

Workspaces are fully customizable; you can add pictures on the wall, change the furniture, place information on the door for your clients, and much more.

A productive workspace